About Us


We understand how much is at stake...your family, your future, or your freedom.

The Law Offices of Juan C. Rodriguez, PLLC was founded in May 2011 after our founding member earned his law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law and was licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas.

At Thurgood Marshall, Juan was an exceptional student and was especially honored to be selected as a tutor by criminal law professor and former judge, Lupe Salinas. Juan went on to graduate from Thurgood Marshall with great distinction, Magna Cum Laude. After graduating, Juan humbly considered several employment offers and respectfully declined with mixed emotions.

Juan decided to open a successful general practice firm to provide honest, professional and compassionate legal services to the community. Our firm represents clients statewide.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Juan worked for over 10 years as a paralegal and gained valuable experience working with different well-respected attorneys in the DFW area in an array of cases including car accidents, criminal defense, immigration and family law. During his career as a paralegal, Juan personally witnessed mistreatment and abuse to many people, particularly hard-working individuals who do not speak English, lack academic education and who are not familiar with the legal system. This is the main reason Juan became an attorney.

Over the past years, our firm has grown thanks to the confidence and trust our clients have placed in us. We treat each and every client with respect, dignity and in a compassion manner while maintaining our professionalism. We believe in team work and also in utilizing each firm member’s skill set to the utmost degree.

Juan attributes the firm’s success to the hard work of his legal team on every case. Juan has earned his reputation for his honesty, his compassion, his respect and for diligently working on every client’s case.

Juan is a very approachable attorney. He loves to work for and with clients who truly believe in him and his team. Juan’s philosophy is that you will never be able to meet your clients’ expectations if the client cannot trust and believe in you; thus, it is better not to take a case at all than to fail to meet the client’s expectations. Never hire an attorney you don't trust or don't have confidence in.

Our legal team is truly dedicated to our clients, and we will go the extra mile to make sure we are meeting our client’s expectations. We embrace truth, respect the law, and do our absolute best to give our clients the best possible results. We aim to provide our current clients and prospective clients with a complete legal analysis of their case, whether meritorious or not. We understand how much is at stake – your family, your future or your freedom. Results matter to us!

Our firm is committed to vigorously fight and defend the rights of those who cannot speak and defend themselves. If you are looking for an attorney who is aggressive, yet compassionate, then give us an opportunity to advocate for you.

It will be an honor to have the opportunity to represent you and protect your rights.